HelpPay provides an easy and secure way for customers to share their bills and get help from those that care. If you are looking to help someone in need, HelpPay is an easy-to-use, secure app that guarantees all payments made towards a bill, will always go directly to that bill's Provider. Have peace of mind that your help will go where it is meant to, and those in need will get the help they need. 

Don't have HelpPay but you would like to help someone with their bill?

No problem! You won't need the HelpPay app to make a contribution to a Customer's bill. However, the Customer will need the HelpPay app to easily and securely share their bill with you. They can do this by sending you a unique link to a payment page that allows you to make a contribution to their bill, directly from your browser. No need to download the app to make a contribution.

HelpPay is free to have an account, upload, and share bills, it will cost nothing to the person you would like to help, to share a bill with you and it will only take them a few minutes to get set up. 

Fees and charges do apply to payments made. Learn more about this here - Processing Fees & Charges

Do you want to help with multiple bills?

If you are looking to help with multiple bills, we recommend that you also download the HelpPay app, as you can easily manage and contribute to others' bills within just a couple of clicks. With HelpPay, you can automatically share your bills with a group of Helpers. Learn more about this here - Automatically share bills with connections.