HelpPay is here to help those in need, get the help they need, and to have this done in a secure and easy way, with peace of mind that money paid, will go directly where it should.

We allow Customers to upload their own bills, however, these bills are required to have a BPAY biller code and reference number and therefore, are directly linked to a company/Provider.

We will soon introduce HelpPay Integrated Providers. This means when someone joins HelpPay, we ask them to connect their account to an account they have with another company/ Provider. Therefore, all bills generated in the app will be bills issued from this company/ Provider.  

Users of HelpPay cannot enter their own bank account details when uploading a bill.

As bills are linked to real Providers, all payments made towards a bill will go directly to that Provider. 

To learn more about how HelpPay is mitigating fraud - HelpPay's Fraud Prevention