By uploading your bills into HelpPay, you can easily and securely share your bill with others for help and can manage all of your bills in one central location. Easily ask for help on your bill and allow others to easily and securely make contributions towards your bill, with instant updates to your owed bill amount, who has contributed and how much, and records of who you have asked in-app.

Your bill will need a BPAY biller code and reference number to upload your bill into your HelpPay account.

To upload a bill:

  1. Log into HelpPay via the app or web browser
  2. Go to Bills on the bottom of your screen
  3. Select Add a bill
  4. Directly add your bill information or if you are using the app you can scan your bill's BPAY details to upload them. The Provider name will automatically populate according to the BPAY biller code you have entered
  5. Double-check that the BPAY biller code, Reference number, bill amount, and due date are all correct 
  6. Select Submit

Please note: Always double-check the details that have been entered. HelpPay is not responsible if the uploaded bill details are incorrect.  

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