HelpPay has created the HelpPay Helping Community Facebook group so that those who are experiencing financial hardship may seek help from others who want to help. Members who are seeking help can upload their bills into HelpPay and share their unique bill link into the Helping Community group for others to see and contribute to, if they choose. 

How to get help:

1. Upload your bill to your HelpPay account

  • Log into HelpPay via the app or web browser
  • Go to Bills at the bottom of your screen
  • Select Add a bill
  • Add your bill's BPAY biller code, BPAY reference number, amount due and due date
  • Select Submit

2.  Once the bill is uploaded to your HelpPay account

  • You can Select on Ask for help, then Copy and Share, and the link will be copied

3. Go to our Facebook page and share the link you copied in a post.

4. If you'd like, you can go into some detail in your post about why you need help and why paying your bills is difficult. We see that posts with stories have a higher chance of receiving help than those without stories.

5. Members of our page can then see your post, and they can click on the link to your bill to contribute directly to your bill. HelpPay sends the contributions made by others to the BPAY details you have provided. Once a contribution has been made, you will be notified by email to the email address you have linked to your HelpPay account. 

How to help someone: 

1. Join our HelpPay Helping Community Group

2. Read through people's posts, as they will post their story and a link to their bill

3. Select the link and it will direct you to a public payment page for that bill

  • A public payment page allows anyone to contribute to a bill
  • Helper/s do not need a HelpPay account to make a contribution towards a bill
  • The payment page outlines all the key details of the uploaded bill, such as the billing provider, how much is due, and when it is due
  • From here, you can select how much you would like to contribute or enter your own amount, and add in your payment method and email so that we can send you a receipt

4. If you see a message like this below, that means someone else is on the same payment page. Simply exit out of the page and try the link again in a few minutes.

Biller Type we don't accept in the group:

As you would expect from a group like ours, we at HelpPay take every assistance request seriously and do our very best to review every bill posted on the page. We, unfortunately, sometimes decline some posts if we believe the post or account the post comes from is fraudulent. 

We also do not permit help requests for some billers and we list them out below:

  • Crypto purchases
  • Gold Bullion
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services
  • Credit Cards
  • Gambling bills