As of April 2022HelpPay Web is now available. 

HelpPay can be downloaded and accessed as an app or accessed through your web browser, either on mobile or on your desktop. 

What is HelpPay Web?

HelpPay Web is a web browser version of the HelpPay app. With HelpPay Web, you can access HelpPay through your desktop or mobile browser. The HelpPay App and the HelpPay Web are largely the same with the exception of a few features. Once you have an account set up, you may log into either the app or the web version for full access to your account. 

The HelpPay App is not available on earlier Android or iOS operating systems. However, you may set up an account and access your account through HelpPay Web instead.  

Differences between the HelpPay App and the HelpPay Web:

  • Bill scan feature: This allows the user to use their camera to scan their bill's BPAY details to upload that bill into HelpPay. Available on the App only. 
  • Import contacts from your phone contacts: This allows users to select which contacts they would like to add as HelpPay connections straight from their phone contacts into the HelpPay App. Available on the App only. 
  • Biometric login: Login with your fingertip or FaceID. Available on the App only.