Error Message:

HelpPay does not support the operating system you are running, please upgrade your OS to get the latest version of the HelpPay application.

HelpPay supports the following operating systems:

  • Android 11 and above 
  • IOS 14 and above 

To resolve this issue:

You can update your operating system or create and access your HelpPay account through your web browser, either on mobile or desktop by visiting

Updating your operating system:

1. Check what operating system you are currently running:

On Android: Settings > About Phone > Software Information > Android Version
On Apple: Settings > General > About > Software Version

2. Update your operating system if it is not supported by HelpPay. Update your software by:

On Android: Settings > Software Update > Download and Install 
On Apple: Settings > General > Software Update

Use HelpPay Web (the web browser version of HelpPay):

Create and access your HelpPay account by visiting

Need further support?

Email our Support team at