Processing time:

We are working hard to ensure that all payments are processed as quickly as possible. Please allow for current processing times of 2 business days. However, we are working on reducing this very shortly.

Processing fees & charges:

HelpPay charges cover all third-party costs. We use Stripe as our payment gateway and the Stripe fees to a new merchant like HelpPay is 1.75% plus 30 cents per transaction. We settle payments to providers using the Commonwealth bank and which costs 27.5 cents per transaction. HelpPay charges a “processing fee” of $1.10 inc GST per transaction made to someone else's bill to cover our overheads such as software development, hosting, server monitoring, and so on. We do not charge this to a user who is paying their own bill. 

We are always working hard to minimise these fees and will work with partners to reduce these fees over time.

If you pay your own bill through the app you are not charged the HelpPay processing fee.