Having HelpPay contacts within the app allows Customers to automatically share bills from certain Providers to a Helper or a group of Helpers and Helper's can see all their bill help requests in one location, under Help Others. Please note, if you delete a contact, any bills shared between you and this contact will disappear out of the Help Others feed. 

To delete a HelpPay connection (contact):

  1. Go to Contacts 
  2. Select the contact you would like to delete
  3. Select Delete this contact

Please note: If you delete a contact, all shared bills associated with that contact will also be deleted. The contact that was deleted will not be notified that you have removed them, however, you will no longer be listed as one of their contacts and therefore, they will no longer be able to share bills with you through the HelpPay app. They may share bills with you via a shareable link.