Brand partnership – Authorised Providers 

The HelpPay Provider Activation Agreement facilitates a free brand partnership, providing the right to use our brand, talk about and offer our platform to your customers who wish to use it. Links to our brand guide and logos are contained within the Agreement and we are happy to collaborate with you.   

How does a Brand Partnership work? 

Use of the HelpPay brand requires a brand partnership. Contracts are available to join as a HelpPay Authorised Provider. Once you are an Authorised Provider, we will work together with you on how to best include  

Benefits of a HelpPay brand partnership 

  • No cost to offer HelpPay to your customers 
  • HelpPay Brand Kit will be provided 
  • Suggested communications and appropriate customer journey inclusions can be provided
  • Customers see the branding on their bills and can choose to use the service to share their bills for help 
  • Social impact of proactively partnering with a payment solution that takes the business relationship from 1:1 to 1: many, allowing customers to easily ask for the help they need 
  • PR opportunities by offering a new customer-centric, bill-sharing tool that aims to keep customers out of debt 
  • HelpPay makes asking for and receiving financial help with bills a much less daunting and easy-to-execute task 
  • Reduced customer handling costs as customer have more payment options. 
  • More on-time payments, reducing customers entering payment plans and hardship programs. 
  • Increase your Corporate Social Responsibility by offering your customers and your staff more ways to give and get help with bills. 



No cost to engage in a Brand Partnership but a contract is required to ensure both brands are protected and handled with care.