To partner your business with HelpPay, there are two options:

1.Business Plan Partnership: By partnering with us through one of our business plans, you can take your bill payment process to new heights, offering unparalleled convenience and benefits to your customers. Here's how our partnership can transform your operations:

  • Fee-Free Experience: As part of our business plans, you'll have the opportunity to make HelpPay fee-free for your customers. By absorbing the transaction fees associated with bill payments, you can incentivize your customers to utilize HelpPay, providing them with a seamless and cost-effective experience.
  • Empower Your Customers and Their Helpers: With our business plans, you can extend the fee-free advantage to the helpers associated with your customers' bills. By shouldering the fees on behalf of the helpers, you foster a supportive environment that encourages timely payments and strengthens your customer relationships.
  • API Integration for Effortless Bill Uploads: Gain access to our API, empowering you to create HelpPay links for your customers. With simplified bill uploads and streamlined processes, your customers will find it easier than ever to submit their bills through the HelpPay platform. Additionally, you'll have control over bill values and due dates, ensuring accuracy and timely payments.
  • Monthly Reporting for Insights and Optimization: As a valued partner, we provide you with comprehensive monthly reporting. Dive into insightful data and analytics to review key statistics, track bill payment trends, and optimize your operations. This invaluable information enables you to make informed decisions, increase on-time payments, and drive growth.

2.Brand Partnership: The HelpPay Provider Activation Agreement facilitates a brand partnership, providing the right to use our brand, talk about and offer our platform to your customers who wish to use it. Links to our brand guide and logos are contained within the Agreement and we will happily collaborate with you. This has no monthly charge, your customers and their helpers pay transaction fees, and no API access

Contact our Partnership team at to discuss which option will deliver the best experience for your team and your customers or to learn more you can go to this page: Partnering with HelpPay