HelpPay seeks to help businesses build stronger relationships with customers, reduce anxiety for customers experiencing short-term financial difficulty. Offering HelpPay means you as a Provider will be giving additional support to more vulnerable customers. 


Play your role in the ethical economy by providing the tools and options for customers to avoid financial hardship. 


Everyone needs some kind of support – sometimes it’s frequent, for others it’s a rarity – but ultimately, we all need to know that support will be there when we need it most. For some, it’s hard to ask for help. Pride, shame, and embarrassment can all be barriers to reaching out for a helping hand. With HelpPay you can take those barriers away. You can make helping easier, just by providing the HelpPay logo on your materials and educating your Customers that help is close at hand. In fact, you’ll help them get the help they need with HelpPay. 


By partnering with HelpPay:

  • You’ll enable your customers to get financial support.
  • You’ll utilise a world-first app so your company can achieve its social goals.
  • You’ll cultivate a ‘helping’ culture.
  • You’ll play a vital role in aiding the elimination of financial distress and its many associated societal problems.
  • You’ll position your business as a responsible, community-centric organisation that cares about the detrimental effects of acute financial stress.
  • You’ll create trust in your brand, showing how you value your customers’ well-being, not just profit.
  • You’ll generate earned media and free advertising.
  • You’ll gain more customers owing to your reputation for fair and sustainable business practices and a commitment to your community’s welfare.
  • You’ll decrease your operating costs, particularly those associated with debt recovery.
  • You’ll be perceived as empathetic and a good corporate citizen.
  • You’ll measure the extent of your contribution through the number of customers who use HelpPay and the dollar value of assistance received from your customers’ friends and family.
  • Your contribution will be visible via the HelpPay logo on every invoice and reminder notice you issue to your customers.